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The Bridal Experience

When consulting with my Bridal clients two questions that I commonly receive are “Should I get a trial-run?” and “What should I expect if I do get a trial run?”

My answer to the first question is “Yes!” No matter who you decide to choose for your special day for your hair services it is important to be confident that you have chosen the perfect fit for you.

A trial run is like an interview. There are more moving parts than just if a bridal hair specialist can create your overall vision. This also includes if they are professional, experienced and offer same day bridal scheduling, communication with wedding coordinators effectively, timely email/phone communication, and not to mention do they vibe with you.

You want to have a Bridal experience, not someone that can “just do your hair”. With this comes expertise with hair styling and most importantly the understanding that creating a pleasant atmosphere for the Bride is an essential part as she prepares for her big day. So if you are considering it I would say go for it.

Now on to what to expect when booking a trial-run. Let me first say that in most cases reserving a trial-run does not reserve your actual date. Most specialists will let you know if someone reserves your date before your trial so I do recommend if you like someone try to scoop them up asap. I have encountered several Brides that had to settle for their second or third choices because they took too long to book their preferred vendors. Once you have locked in your favorite vendors then I would get prepared by following these 5 steps:

Bring pictures of inspiration to ensure satisfaction. Choose pictures that have your same hair color, similar texture, and hair density. This will ensure realistic expectations for you and attainable ones for your specialist.

Bring extensions if your style(s) needs them. Believe it or not but a lot of those Pinterest and Instagram pictures that you love involves a head full of extensions. So double check with your specialist to make sure they aren't needed for the style that you want. This will give you the most accurate vision for what you want.

Limit your tribe to one or two people at the most for your trial-run. Too many opinions can disrupt what’s meant to be a pleasant and memorable process.

Make sure that you take lots of pictures so that you remember what you did and didn't like about the style so that it can be tweaked on the day of or before. Don t be afraid to ask for an additional trial-run if you aren't comfortable but feel that person is the best fit for you. Tell them what you want adjusted and book another. Peace of mind going into your big day is a big deal.






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